Game Rules / Scoring

1st place - $500


Each correct round 1 / qualification pick: 1.00
Each correct round 2 / quarterfinal pick: 2.00
Each correct round 3 / semifinal pick: 4.00
Correct gold medalist pick: 8.00
Correct bronze medalist pick: 6.00
Tiebreaker #1: GWG Scorer in Gold Medal Game
Tiebreaker #2: Final score in gold medal game
1. After each playoff series, the results are updated.
2. Each user's picks are scored based on following scoring system:

A) 5 points awarded for each correct first-round pick.
B) 10 points awarded for each correct second-round pick.
C) 15 points awarded for each correct Conference Finals pick.
D) 20 points awarded for correct Stanley Cup pick.
E) If the number of games user picked was incorrect, points are deducted from the maximum points.

example) If user picked 6 games in a first-round series, but the winner was decided in 7 games, only 4 points are awarded to the user.

F) The maximum point possible is 130 points.

G) If more than one user has the same point total. the following rules are used to determine the ranking between those users:
H) No one likes the letter 'H'

i) More points scored in the Stanley Cup Final.
ii) If still tied, tiebreaker will go to who made more correct team picks.